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I have been mentioning my strategy to send 100,000 Nato troops and ships to Nome Alaska to magnetize Putin’s troop away from Ukraine. Plus allow Ukraine to aggressively follow Russian troops turning Eastward ,giving them a turn in feeling so victimized. Well, I even sent this strategy to the white house. Maybe crazy , I know, but today I saw some mumblings coming out of “Russia” in the news ,that Russia now may want old Russia territories Alaska! I suspect a false flag report by the US. That would be a good cover story to send 100,000 troops to Alaska. And ships .Wouldn’t it be surreal to manipulate the world from a studio apt in a small city? 😉 Russia surely wouldn’t want enemies on the west and in their rear. Ps , I have wondered if Zelensky might have a left over nuke(s) now aimed at Moskow, when he keeps mentioning WW3, and I wonder if Russia wonders that , specifically Putin. If I ruled the world from my little flat I would purposefully post Putins location every hour. Even if it is untrue just to unerve Puttie. oh well, see what a little too much free time buys one? 🙂

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