Odins Men response. Dem V. Trump party – drawing sold

(Response to Odins Men post) Odins has a youtube blog…

Hillary and Hunter should have been subpoenaed, yes. Tit for tat. There are insane and corrupt dems, yes. But look at the number of Repub politicos indicted V. Dem to see who is really corrupt. The insurrection with deaths and violence is the nail in the, who is more corrupt, coffin argument. IMO.

And Odin, a dictatorship (Trump) defines centralized planning.

Using Rubio, my god, to reinforce your funny facts has lost you all credibility! I hope Odins Men wasn’t at the capital, with a baseball bat, with all the other knuckle dragging FLAG bearing Trump insurrectionists! I’m a Democrat and Odin does make me laugh. He gets a little creepy when he spills his right-wingnut kool-aide a bit. I, like most dems see the faults and insanities (pronouns-no, gay indoctrination -NO!!! Pelosi, Biden gotta go, DNC reform, etc…) within dem /progressive ideology. Still, I’m not an extremist, and neither are the majority of dems. I do agree with some of Odin’s points, hmmm, and I Luv that. Odin is smart enough to know that, so his disingenuousness is trying. Props to him for having an IQ over 100 and yet still being a fan of the Apprentice and his fascist leanings, a bit of a mystery. Profiting off the presidency, I’ll give the Don credit for being a healthy capitalist at least, but he should pay taxes and go to jail for serious crimes, like the rest of us working class and law abiding citizens!

I’d love to see Odin produce a show about the Trump party extremists who believe the legal election was stolen, storming the capitol was good, beating innocent cops was proper, and staining the meaning of flags for everyone in America now.

Even Hitler didn’t have flags with his name on it, just Nazi Germany flags, banners, and swastikas. Adolph’s god-like dictatorship is Trump’s model for his model society. Sieg Heil Odin with your show. It is funny. Maybe back off the mumbling to yourself on camera for aesthetic and sanity reaffirmation purposes..

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