Abortion Essay

Odd,” the right-wingers on the Supreme court just outlawed formally legal abortion rights, Conservatives forcing births in a land that has the highest maternal mortality rate of wealthy nations, no paid maternity leave, zero subsidized child care, no birth parent care, no universal healthcare, non-existing mental healthcare system, and claims pro-life”, In some cases, the rapist and his gun have more rights than women now in the USA. very sad, IMO. So if you are wealthy then the aforementioned issues don’t really affect you financially, but the non-wealthy suffer from a lack of social safety. Always good to remember who some of the poor and nonwealthy are: The people taking care of your parents in retirement homes, the people who work with the handicapped, the people who serve and cook your meals in restaurants, the legitimately unemployed, mentally ill, some seniors, chronic ill, single mothers or fathers, social workers…,etc.
Must we live in the Jungle? ?

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