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It’s funny how a small handful of people control something they didn’t create, but just refined and distributed to the fossil fuel burning world. Putin is a controller Maximus!
These handfuls of people have armies to protect this endeavor and as little as 300 years ago this didn’t exist. Not only does burning oil now threaten the climate but also the well-being of everyone on the planet because the armies protecting the obscenely wealthy oil magnates could fire off a nuke or two or three if they feel threatened
Germany is just lazy and bought cheap energy and resold it for major profits. The capitalist model. But so has every industrialized nation. I wonder if the coming winter might be cooler without Russian gas to heat the nation.
Needless to say clean energy is here but with no way to profit on wind, solar, etc… those energies have been denied a chance. One day of sunshine has enough energy to power a nation for a year. But the sun gives its energy for free whereas the blood and farts of the earth, (oil and gas ) need to be refined and can be controlled and distributed, as they dwindle eventually. Maybe this pain in Ukraine and in Germany will unleash a wave of clean energy technology…tech we’ve had since N. Tesla in 1900.

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