Garland, Trump and Biden

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[08:31, 4/3/2022] Glenn: Garland is probably telling the truth that he wants to get to the truth and prosecute criminals. What he is not saying is he doesn’t care about the possible congressional turnover in November and he wont be rushed. Dept of Justice speak for : why do something now when I can deliberate and do it in 1.5 years?!!!
[08:34, 4/3/2022] Glenn: It behooves Garland to delay justice on Trump. If the Jan 6. dies in Partisan world and IF Trump is re-elected, Garland may still have a job. Its our cover one’s own ass world.
[08:34, 4/3/2022] Glenn: Garland know Biden wants him out and will roust him if re-elected!

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