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I have been pondering the whole homosexual (etc.) question. As a heterosexual man, with no attraction to men other than to appreciate a handsome man, or a nice head of hair, since I’m bald ?. I think how ridiculous the sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) are. I think how insane that effort is.
There is no way my orientation could be changed to be attracted to men theoretically if one were to turn the tables. And pressuring me would be pointless. Crazy. My theory about sexual orientation relies heavily on my belief in reincarnation.
I believe if one has reached soul maturation after “death,” one passes onto the next level, dimension, heaven, etc..In “heaven” male and female morph into 1 “angel” or “spirit”. Of course, it may be an angel of the same sexes, maybe. On earth, we need to see the yin and yang, 2 sides of life experience. Men do not give birth but might benefit from that whole experience. Women may or may not like to experience a body full of testosterone leading to varied insanities and wars… IMO
But if maturation has not been reached, more lessons need to be taught, and different outcomes are expected. Granted, there must be an overseer “oversoul”… for another discussion.
But if one’s soul has not matured, not reached whatever criterion the soul creator, sole judge has,( perhaps nirvana, the higher love level, grace), then a person dies and reincarnates back to earth, matter world, to finish his-her lessons and tasks to get to the transformational move-on point.
A person comes back as a male 10 times and feels comfortable as a human male. A person comes back as a female 8 out of 10 times and feels fine as a woman. A person comes back 5 times out of 10 woman /man and may feel bisexual feelings, a person comes back after 9 times as a woman in previous lives and is now a man, may not feel right in a man’s body and vice-versa,
Reincarnation also involves life lived as a homosexual (etc.) and that effect on the new version of the self. The resurrection after death.
The whole reincarnation idea feels like our conventional model: grades 1-12, freshman to senior, then graduate, 9 months till birth, each month a more perfect being until the baby sees the light and has 70 years or less of learning, loving, pain, slow death to be “born”. Free will and grace may allow for the -born once- moved to the next dimension possibility. Ghosts are another topic…
I’ve simplified this theory. We may be reincarnated 100 or 1000 times. Think of a billion years. I’d like to think Hitler was reincarnated as a slimy reptile or worse, relegated to a soul cage in the cold and dark.
We may feel something behind our cross-road decisions in life . Just IMO.

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