Oh God

God the Creator, breather of life, knower of every answer, designer, killer, lover…
God has a God,
because heshe is God…
What God wouldn’t want their own God?
Except for an atheist God…
But then again, who likes to be alone?
I mean except when surrounded by rude and silent leafy green types
Who happen to be without Sin,
God is imperfectly perfect because imperfection is somewhat perfect, a perfect mistake or breath takingly perfect beauty is also imperfect in this perfectly unperfect ridiculous, sometimes ugly and unjust world! 
Just look at that last stanza for example…
God does make mistakes
take the mosquito for example…
or war,
but even that little devil the mosquito, fallen as it has, thrives perfectly in our world.
And in ANY perfect world, not only ours,
I would sit in a tree by the brook
And let my nose tell me
which way to look,
But it is always the same,
It is only a name,
with nothing to see,
and the trees and the birds
and the bees agree.
Jeez, and as far as clues go,
God smells real good.
And with eyes closed
and heaven knows
God prays to her God,
For a long strong foot massage,
Corinthian leather,
and for the meek to inherit the world.

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